Good morning. It's a breath after 5:00am and were it not one of the longest days of the year the amount of light out would be surprising. A Saturday, and I'm up and about by choice.

There's something special about the early hours. Living near a city centre, the easiest thing to notice is the quiet. At first there is no traffic. But then a car goes by. A dog barks. The birds sing. I enjoy my coffee. But it's more than the quiet. There is a stillness around me.

I've often had the goal of starting my day early. I've always failed. What's working now is a system. More work, my own system has involved practicing changes to my routine.

This system is by no means a success yet. There are still mornings I sleep longer than planned. But I can see it's working and my habits are changing. Not one to to do too much at once, I'm ready for another system.

I have my own goals which involve writing. But writing is not the goal. It's the system and this blog will be my home for that.

Enjoy your day.